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"God speaks to us through the life experiences of people in the Bible."

We can experience personal growth and spiritual maturity as we imagine ourselves in the shoes of the Bible characters. What would you experience if you stood in the shoes of David as he faced the giant Goliath on the battlefield? What would you learn about yourself and what's important to you. How would those experiences shape the way you relate to yourself, others, and God?

Thats what makes experiential preaching life changing.

Dr. Pastor Trevor Thomas DMin.

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Who We Are

Dr. Pastor Trevor Thomas has over 25 years of preaching and pastoral experience as a senior Pastor with the Seventh-day Adventist Church in England. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Pastoral Studies (1996), Master of Arts Religion, and Diploma in Mission (1998), and Doctor of Ministry in Multicultural, Multiethnic, Ministry & Mission (2023). 

His passion is for a storytelling style of preaching centred on the spiritual transformation of the central character.

He is dedicated to training and supporting those who wish to speak in public about their faith 

E-learning Dates

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E-learning Dates 2024

Lay Preachers Training

Friday 26th - Saturday 27th January

Adv. Lay Preachers Training

Friday 26th - Saturday 27th July

Course Description

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There are two levels of training which includes seminar presentations, Bible study, and sermon preparation & presentation.

Level 1 Preaching - cost £50

Sermon Structure (1 hour)

Types of Sermons (1 hour)

Persuasion & Emphasis (1 hour)
Bible Literature (1 hour)

Complete the We Believe Bible study course 28 hours)

Prepare and record one sermon for evaluation (20 - 25 hours)

Level 2 Preaching  - cost £100

Understanding Young Adults (1 - 2 hours)

Sermons that Engage with Young Adults (1 - 2 hours)

Biblical Genre (1 hour)

Parables of Jesus. (1 hour)

Complete the Bible Teachings 1 & 2 Bible study courses (36 hours)

Prepare and record four sermons for evaluation (20 - 25 hours each)

Contact Us

To find out more about our training contact us on:

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